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A couple of years ago, two young people were full of ideas and decided to discover the real estate market. Full of ideas, they thought it was time to fight back weakening reputation of real estate agencies, which began to spread among the public. The creation of the broker’s code of ethics prevented forecasted problematic situations and ensured a smooth process. In addition, by offering clients a business relationship, comprehensive service and maximum assistance, we are able to satisfy the customers’ needs and desires. Due to personal contact with clients, we are becoming more experienced by offering professional services. Thus in 2004, the real estate agency ALBION Reality s.r.o., was created especially specializing in foreign clientele, apartment rentals and residential property in Prague and its surroundings.  


1st Dealing professionally and honestly with activities in accordance with the laws of Czech Republic and generally accepted standards of conduct. 

2nd Always dealing in the interest of the client and never abuse its position to the harm the client. 

3rd Never differentiate clients regarding racial, religious, ethnic, political, and social status. 

4th Clients always provide accurate information to the best of my conscience and always abide all conventions and agreed terms. 

5th Never hand-over or publicize confidential information without the consent of the client, and even after the completion of cooperation. 

6th I am obliged to maintain secrecy in dealings with third parties on commercial cases. 

7th My honor is more important than the commission. 

8th Collaborate with colleagues, as well as other real estate agencies, if it is in the interest of the client.

9th Don’t represent only themselves yet also to the company. 

10th I am aware of its responsibility in the process of trading in real estate, and therefore constantly receive training and become better in their activities. 

Albion Reality is a member of Real Estate Chamber of Czech Republic




Albion reality is a medium-sized real estate agency, with a friendly and young team. They are professionals in the field who are always ready to assist focusing the real estate market. Aiming to provide professional service, achieving positive results, we are able to satisfy the customer by finding their dream home. Furthermore, we protect your privacy, finances, and value your time. 

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