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Albion reality specializes in renting properties such as houses, buildings and other residential properties in Prague and outskirts.

For the owner we offer:

- Professionally conducted inspection of property (photos, information concerning the property and its owner, the conditions of sale / lease and the availability of the property).

- Presentation of offers on six Czech and two foreign sites on the Internet in addition to our website.

- Consultation and recommendation concerning the offers.

- Verification of the market prices.

- Legal, financial and tax advice.

- Communicating with the authorities, land register, etc.

- Equipping apartments with furniture for rent, assistance with moving, etc.

- Assistance with renewal of contracts and in addressing issues related to the hiring.

- Managing the apartments

For customer offer:

- Full service from discovering the property to the final realization.

- Consulting services concerning the contract, finances, taxation, etc.

- Communicating with the authorities, banks and other institutions.

Albion reality is the intermediary real estate agency, which does not the defend the customer nor the owner, however acts as an objective body in the process of selling real estate, supervising, managing and recommending the course of business, which is carried out according to law, the existing treaties and moral ethics. We guarantee a smooth process and satisfaction for the owner as well as the customer.

Prices of services - Business Conditions
Sales of real estate:

Apartments - 3% - 5% of the selling price (according to trade - the higher the price, the lower the percentage)

Houses - 5% of the selling price

Land - 5% of the selling price

Non-residential premises - 5% of the selling price

Apartment houses - 2% - 3% of the selling price

Renting of properties:

From one to two monthly rents, according to transaction cost, and according to individual agreements.

Prices are in agreement to establish and individually, for example, the recurring business cases, permanent customers etc.

Rates include:

- Professionally conducted property inspection - photos, graphics and text processing

- Design of the market price and method of presentation

- Public advertising for real estate advertising servers, journals and campaigns

- All services associated with the actual business process

- Legal, tax, financial advice

 The prices must be added VAT of 21%.



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